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What is your goal for attending 91Ƶ County Community College?

Degree-Seeking (Matriculated)

If you are looking to apply for a degree or certificate program, you must apply for matriculation. 

To qualify for financial aid, you must be degree-seeking (matriculated) and be admitted into a program. 

See Steps to Apply.

Non-Degree-Seeking (Non-Matriculated)

Non-degree students are eligible to take classes without being admitted to a degree or certificate program. As a non-degree student, you can only enroll part-time (less than 12 credits). 

See Non-Degree Enrollment Procedures.


Readmission is required for students who are returning to 91Ƶ County Community College and meet certain criteria.

Visit the Returning to 91Ƶ webpage for more information


Every year over 1,600 transfer students begin their studies at 91Ƶ by transferring credits from other colleges and universities.

91Ƶ also awards transfer credit from other sources including Advanced Placement Examinations, Armed Services training, and educational programs sponsored by certain non-collegiate organizations such as employers and government agencies.

Visit the Transfer Student  webpage for more information.

High School Equivalency

If you do not have a high school diploma, 91Ƶ County Community College can serve you two ways. 

1) High School Equivalency Program

The Office of Continuing Education offers a comprehensive basic skills and college preparation program to prepare you for the TASC exam (Test Assessing Secondary Completion) formally known as the GED, by providing self-paced instruction customized to your skill level. 

Visit  for more information. 

2) Ability to Benefit Program

You may qualify for admission to a degree or certificate program and can earn a NYS High School Equivalency Diploma after completing 24 college level credits.  You may also be eligible to apply for NYS grants (excluding federal aid and loans).

Applicants for the Ability to Benefit Program will take the College Placement Test and must achieve a passing score on each part of the test including reading comprehension, sentence skills, and arithmetic to be admitted.  We will assist you to follow the right path based on results from the college's placement tests.  

For more information, contact the Admissions Office at (631) 451-4000.

See Steps to Apply.

Home Schooled Student

If you were home schooled and are looking to apply for a degree or certificate program, you must apply for matriculation.
See Steps to Apply

Home schooled applicants must also meet admissions criteria to be admitted.  See Home Schooled Student Applicants. 

Correspondence Study and Online High School Diploma Programs 

For students who completed a high school program of correspondence study or an online diploma program, refer to the policy statement here.

International Student

Our current international students come from many different parts of the world. We regard every international student as a valued member of our truly diverse college community and we are committed to working with each student individually in order to help all students successfully achieve their goals. 

Visit the International Student webpage for more information.