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Reinforcing Quality Teaching and Learning

91Ƶ County Community College is committed to providing a superior educational experience. Promoting academic integrity in order to reinforce quality teaching and learning is essential in providing this high level of education. The College's commitment to academic integrity is emphasized by the Student Code of Conduct, which includes integrity as a core value and stresses the importance of ethical decision-making by students in college and in their future professions. Working with integrity extends beyond earning a grade to engaging in authentic education, an approach that embraces acquiring new knowledge and skills that result in demonstrable growth for individuals in school, work, and life.

Three principles guide the College's promotion of academic integrity. First, the College holds all faculty, staff, and students to the highest academic integrity standards; second, academic integrity expectations and the consequences for academic misconduct should be clearly articulated; third, all students are entitled to a fair review process when their academic integrity is questioned.

Academic integrity means that students complete their own assigned work without unauthorized aid, and faculty foster honest effort by exercising care in planning and supervision of assignments. Administrators provide resources and personnel to foster academic integrity through policy and in all SUNY 91Ƶ educational programs.

The procedures outlined in the Student Code of Conduct, which will be followed in cases of alleged academic misconduct, assure that the College’s academic integrity standards are upheld, and the student’s rights are respected. The response to lapses in academic integrity has three goals: most importantly, to educate our students regarding integrity and ethics in college and as they move forward in their professions; second, to provide appropriate consequences for violating academic integrity standards; and third, to apply equitable procedures on and across the three campuses.