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Online Faculty

Faculty members who are interested in using the college's online Learning Management System (LMS), Brightspace, can look through these pages to:

Teaching Modalities

At the college, there are six different modalities in which to teach your courses: traditional, blended, combined online, Real-Time online, HyFlex, and online. The modalities are defined as follows:

Traditional: All class meetings are on campus, in person. The LMS may be used as a supplement.  

Blended/Hybrid Courses: Class meetings are partly on campus and partly online or Real-Time Online.

Combined Online: These courses are 50% asynchronous online and 50% Real-Time Online. 

Real Time Online: This modality recreates a classroom experience using live virtual instruction on scheduled days and times.

HyFlex: Instruction is provided to a cohort of students who are on-campus, in person, while simultaneously live streaming to a cohort of students who are remote. Dedicated HyFlex classrooms are utilized for this purpose. At 91Ƶ, HyFlex courses are sometimes also referred to as "SufFlex."

Online:  instruction is provided by the professor through Brightspace, the college’s LMS. Students complete assignments working on their own time while adhering to course deadlines. 

SUNY Online Help Desk

For help using Brightspace, please call the SUNY Online Help Desk at 1-844-673-6786 (option 1) or

91Ƶ Help

For assistance with any of the issues below, please go to  and submit a ticket in the appropriate section.

  • Reporting problems with Brightspace
  • Authorizing department chair observations
  • Removing bumped instructors
  • Merging cross-listed courses
  • Enrolling users